What’s on your Coffee Table?

There’s nothing I love more than to create a pretty vignette on my coffee table. It’s one of the places in my home that can change almost weekly.

Our coffee table has so many functions. It’s doubles as a dining table, a footstool or even that place to sit our coffee! We use it everyday in one form or another.

Coffee tables need to function, so don’t overly clutter it or you’ll be forever pushing things to the side or onto the floor. Which isn’t ideal, especially when you’re using it as a place to eat your dinner or somewhere to sit your snacks during that Netflix and chill binge!

So, where do you begin? Well for me it all starts with a tray, it’s easier to create and group things together. One similar to mine can be found Here , Next I’ll add a small stack of books two or three is enough.

You’ll want to add height too and I’ll achieve this from my fresh flowers, which are always displayed in a pretty vase. If your local to perth find the prettiest flowers Here . These can either be sat on top of your books or to the side.

Next I like to add decorative quirky pieces this could be anything but for me, I used my brass crab Here or mermaid Here, they are always a talking point. Candles are another good coffee table accessory. They don’t only smell amazing they can look good too.

Remember to keep everything to scale no point adding a massive tray and then sticking a little posy jar or candle on it, try and coordinate your colour palette too. Add things you love or have collected while travelling maybe a piece of coral you picked up or a temple jar from Morocco.

Although I’ve never travelled there, I do love a good temple jar but mine, well, they were very conveniently collected from stores around Australia! Insert wink emoji! Temple jars can be found Here .

There are no limits to what you can display, play around with it. Don’t be afraid to move things around, you want it to look good, after all it’s the focal point of the room.

So let’s recap key items you’ll need,

1. A tray, it helps group things together and create a vignette.

2. Books, use two or three stacked together.

3. Something organic, so fresh flowers or a plant.

4. A decorative object or two, add a temple jar, coral, candle sticks or vase of shells.

5. Something quirky, anything unique to your personal style, I use my crab.

6. Candle, there’s so many to choose.

Don’t forget to had some height, texture and most of all make it personal to you.

Have fun and use #theinteriorobsessed on Instagram to share your coffee table styling with other creative home decor accounts.

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