Leap of Faith

I’ve taken a leap of faith and jumped into the world of blogging. I have no idea what I’m doing and I feel a little out my depth. Well, drowning actually! Someone throw me a line!

I so hope you all will stick around while I work it all out.

You may be wondering what brought me here. Well, I have an Instagram account where, like most home decor and interior lovers, I share my passion in the hope it inspires others. My following isn’t huge, however I’ve slowly gained a few thousand followers in just over two years!

You see, we rent our home as my husband is Military – which means we move every few years. With each move there are challenges. Will furniture fit? Will it arrive in one piece? Is the new house small or large? Old or new? Can I hang pictures and put holes in the wall, paint or even hang curtains? All these things can hinder the desire to make a beautiful warm and inviting home!

Moving to new areas can be daunting. I have well tested ways of making all the packing, moving and relocating a little less stress free too.

So, I am going to share my tips and tricks on how I’ve achieved my coastal home right here in Perth, Western Australia. I hope you’ll find it helpful.